A Different Approach

As followers of Christ, we are honored to serve families who have been met with the challenges legal issues present. We believe that when a family is fighting, it is important to have a lawyer and a firm that will not add to an already stressful situation. We strongly encourage clients to use mediation to avoid some of the destruction that litigation creates. We are confident that you are in the best position to decide what will work best for you and your family without the necessity of court intervention.

Mediation is a process that strives to achieve self-determined outcomes rather than court determined outcomes. Self-determined outcomes overwhelming have long term benefits and more positive results. Mediation is a good choice because it is economically beneficial, it is a confidential process and it is a more peaceful and amicable way to resolve conflict.

Rita C. Dixon is a trained mediator who would love to help you mediate the following types of issues:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Custody and Child Support Mediation
  • Probate Mediation
  • Church Mediation

We will work with you, the other party/parties or organization to set up a mediation session or sessions. We will help you to formulate a plan that will seek to best meet your needs to reach a resolution quickly. When conflict arises with the family or within your organization, consider resolving the dispute amicable and peacefully through mediation.